St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Mission in Kasane
Catholic Community
As the picture above suggests we are very diverse community, of different origins, colours and cultures; but we have one Faith, one Lord and one Church.

We are still a very small community, but growing steadily. Most of us are people who are from different places in the country and work here in Kasane. Some of us are from different countries. The members from the local villages are very few and we hope that our missionary work will slowly bear fruits. It will take some time and patience.

Our biggest challenge is the self-reliance and maintaining the mission and the priest. We welcome any help from outside.

You can help us also by visiting our area and going on safari, booking through our Catholic Safaris project.
Who ar we, our problems, challenges, dreams...
Members and Contacts
This directory is for internal use only by the members of our community. It is pass-protected.